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Helping Disabled Canadians Fully Participate in Every Aspect of Life

The Canadian Disability Foundation (“CDF”) is Canada’s national disability organization. Established to provide philanthropic support, services, and innovative social solutions, CDF helps the more than 6.2 million Canadians with disabilities to be valued members and contributors in our communities.

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We are proud to participate in #HeritageForAll!

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Aimed at eliminating physical barriers to Canada’s heritage buildings, the project will start its public engagement stage by hosting a series of virtual workshops and surveys to inform its research. Sign up: https://www.heritageforall.ca/

Add your thoughts to ground-breaking research on wayfinding technology

Wayfinding is the process involved in planning and making decisions to get from your present location to your desired location. Various tools, technologies, or systems may assist individuals with wayfinding by providing sensory or other cues directing individuals within the environment.

Add your thoughts in this survey. You are eligible if you are 18 or over, live in Canada and identify as having lived experience with disability or health condition(s) that affects your experiences with wayfinding and/or use a support person (such as an intervener, interpreter, or sighted guide) for wayfinding. Participants will receive a $50 gift card for taking part in the survey.

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Accessible Transportation Canada: ATRACAN

CDF, in partnership with Checker Taxi, is focused on designing and developing solutions with all forms of accessible transportation in Canada by working with government, business, academics and more. ATRACAN is Accessible Transportation Canada, a project of CDF.

The project is currently working in the province of Ontario, piloting a pandemic response strategy and action plan for people with disabilities.

ATRACAN Logo: ATRACAN in bold white letters across a black maple leaf with two merging roads outlined in white, making an arrow in the maple leaf.


We provide access to funding, programs and services to help Canadians with disabilities pursue the goals that matter most to them by creating a unified community of respect.


We collaborate across governments, sectors and industries to remove barriers and create pathways for everyone to enjoy universal access to Canadian life.


By integrating innovative solutions, advocacy, and direct support to Canadians, we are building a Canada where disability is respected and valued for its contribution to our community.

Canadian Disability Foundation
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