An electric wheelchair user drives up a stylish ramp, with adequate hand railing and slope, seamlessly integrated into a city setting.

To transform misunderstandings of disability and to create new pathways to increase the ability of Canada’s disability community to participate in Canadian life, we work with leaders across government, the disability community and private/public sectors to implement solutions that have a tangible impact on the lives of Canadians with disabilities across the country.

CDF solutions focus on improving accessibility, inclusion and support in the domains that most impact quality of life, such as accessible housing and transportation, recreation and leisure, accessibility through assistive technology, and employment support.

Our first flagship solution is ATRACAN – Accessible Transportation Canada. ATRACAN is a project to solve the deep crisis in lack of accessible ground transportation in most of Canada. We will lead the understanding of and intervention in this critical, but very difficult, area of myriad taxi, ride sharing, transit and other means of transportation.

ATRACAN Logo: ATRACAN in bold white letters across a black maple leaf with two merging roads outlined in white, making an arrow in the maple leaf.

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